Peter James Jazz

It has been my pleasure to develop the website for pianist and composer Peter James. If you have heard his music you will agree that he is an extremely talented musician.

The website was actually launched a few months ago, but I have just got around to adding it to my portfolio. The website is built using the Drupal content management system with the Ubercart additions for e-commerce functionality.

The great looking design was done by Amy Kendall, and was based on the original CD artwork.

Check out the website here:

On Twitter

Well I feel like a bit of a luddite waiting this long to join the micro-blogging bandwagon, but I finally have. I guess I found all the hype a bit off-putting.

I am now on Twitter @rosskendall

Also, since I'm an Open Source (and open-data) fan, I have also signed up on -
(the two accounts are linked, so all posts end up on twitter)

Since I am usually short on time to write proper blog posts, I actually find micro-blogging suits me well. It is also a great way to keep up-to-date with things I am interested in - and pass helpful things on.

I'm going to keep my twitter posts focused on web-development, including: Magento, Drupal, programming (Perl and PHP), design, SEO, etc. I find trivial personal comments a bit distracting, especially if there are lots of them, so I won't be making them myself

An Open Source Alternative to Dreamweaver?

I just received an email asking me just that.

I see on your site you mention about open source software like open office etc, can you recommend an opensource web design software that competes with dream weaver etc?

Well, here's my thoughts...

There isn't really an open source equivalent to Dreamweaver, but if you are after a desktop based WYSIWYG HTML editor then Kompozer is probably the better of the alternatives.

The Cast Iron Bath Company

The Cast Iron Bath Company is a leading supplier of quality new cast iron baths and accessories.

Launched today is a classy looking brochure website that is the first step towards a complete e-commerce site.

Stay tuned, as in the near future this site will be re-launched on the Magento e-commerce platform

View the site at:

Out of the Ark Music (on Magento)

It has been a lot of hard work, but I'm proud to announce the launch of a new Magento e-commerce website for Out of the Ark Music.

If you think it looks great, the credit for that goes to Amy Kendall who developed the design concept.

The clients are happy too:


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