Sophia Network (on Drupal)

It has been my pleasure to once again work with electric angel design developing another website. In fact doing so may have confirmed my niche - offering value-add web development services to graphic designers and design agencies.

Renaissance Friends (on Drupal)

Sponsored by Yorkshire Forward, the Renaissance Friends website was launched at the Renaissance Reunion ‘looking back, stepping forward’ event in Scarborough on the 12th October 2007.

Vital Regeneration (on Drupal)

Just launched this week, the Vital Regeneration website is another fine example of a Drupal powered website.

The site uses a custom theme that I developed according to the client's specification.

Vital Regeneration is a charity that works with deprived communities in London providing education, training and creative development programmes. You can find out more about their work from the website:

Are Science And Faith Compatible?

I came across this interesting article the other day on the CNN website: Collins: Why this scientist believes in God, in which Francis Collins - the director of the Human Genome Project - shares his personal experience on the matter. (He also has a book out: The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief).

So we have possibly the world's leading scientist of the day sharing his personal opinion and experience that it is possible to pursue scientific endeavor and believe in God while maintaining intellectual integrity.

I think that's pretty hard to dismiss, however it seems (from some of the comments) that some of the naysayers will say nay no matter what.

Clifford’s Tower, York

Here is a picture of Clifford’s Tower, sometimes called York Castle - as it stands on the original site.

This was taken last weekend while enjoying a sunny day out seeing the sights in York.


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