Clifford’s Tower, York

Here is a picture of Clifford’s Tower, sometimes called York Castle - as it stands on the original site.

This was taken last weekend while enjoying a sunny day out seeing the sights in York.

Scarborough's North Bay in Winter

It is now just a short walk from our house to Scarborough's North Bay. As I am discovering, it is lovely to go for a walk on the beach, even in the winter! It is especially nice when it's a beautiful sunny day like this.

Website Accessibility Making the News

While the BBC headline might sound quite depressing: 'Most websites' failing disabled, I found the news quite encouraging - not because of the sorry state of most websites, but because high profile news items like this can help to raise awareness of this important issue.

While the article suggests 97% of leading websites don't even meet minimum levels of accessibility, I do think it has played the numbers up a bit. Firstly, setting the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as the 'minimum standards', one would expect a pedantic interpretation of these guidelines to exclude most sites - even if many of the sites have made significant efforts towards accessibility.

Moving to Scarborough

After a long wait, the time has finally come. From the 15th November, Amy and I will no longer be living in Cambridge. We have decided to make a lifestyle choice, and move up North.

Scarborough is a lovely seaside town located in North Yorkshire, in the north-east of England. It has friendly people, beautiful countryside, and a bracing sea breeze!

While Scarborough is more remote than Cambridge, I will be staying well connected thanks to the internet. With the fast train from York to London, it's no problem to make it in to the city for the day if needs be.

London Arts in Health Forum (on Drupal)

The LAHF website has been developed in conjunction with Active Media Publishing who have been responsible for creating a new logo, visual identity and stationery.

London Arts in Health Forum (LAHF) is a London-based networking organisation for health and arts professionals and health-related organisations. They had a basic website, but needed something more.


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