Hearing is Believing?

A short article posted on BeThinking.org: Is Seeing Believing?, relates to my earlier comments on knowledge in some ways.

The "science is knowing" and "seeing is believing" statements demonstrate the same basic attitude that is overly restrictive, and which misrepresents the real nature of human knowledge and belief.

Given that most of the knowlege we gain (and the things we believe) are the result of learning (information that we have accepted on authority) it might be more appropriate to suggest that "hearing is believing" or "reading is believing". The phrase "seeing is believing" might still apply, but only in so far as we saw it on TV!

On the flip side it is interesting to note that faith does not exclude reason or evidence as its basis (despite a common mis-conception that is does). As a result I can say science doesn't exclude faith in God, only scientism (I can recommend following up with the God and Richard Dawkins lecture by Dr John Lennox, I thought it was very good).