Is There Hope for Cynical Christians?

Just had a listen to a good lecture by Wade Bradshaw from L'Abri. L'Abri in french means 'the shelter', it is a kind of retreat where people go to ponder the meaning of life and deal openly and honestly with their doubts and questions about faith.

I found the lecture 'Is There Hope for Cynical Christians?' available for download. So as someone who can easily be cynical about most things, it got my attention. I had met Wade when visiting English L'Abri a few years ago, and he had made an impression on me with (among other things) a recital of Italo Calvino over lunch followed by a thought provoking discussion.

Well, the downloaded lecture was also very thought provoking, although it's not quite the same as being there to engage in some live discussion. I guess one reason why I started this blog was the hope that it could be the platform for some in-depth discussion at some stage.

Wade described modern cynicism as being skeptical of anything presented as good, seeing selfishness as the motivation behind most things (if someone is friendly, it's only because they want something from you). Like a protection mechanism, being cynical sheilds us from disappointment - but it also shields us from joy and really engaging with life.

Lots of people are cynical, yet everyone needs some kind of hope for life to be worthwhile. One question raised was the importance of truth in relation to hope (having a false hope will keep someone going, so why does it matter if it's true or not).

Anyway, if anyone has come across any other good resources on this topic I would be interested to know about them.


I just wanted to say one thing even if you wrote this blog ages ago.
False hope is precisely why people get cynical, because the outcome of their hope never becomes
true. What people need is hope which becomes a reality and is true...,false hope doesn't keep people going for long...

i forget where but in the bible jesus said " the kingdom of heaven is at hand" we are living right now in the kingdom of god-it's how you interpret life-every day is a gift , my 5 senses are a gift-the fact that i can hear,see, smell,taste and feel, that in itself is living in the kingdom. jesus also said we can move mountains w/our faith, i love that quote--jesus is the bomb-i love him lots!!!!