Moving to Scarborough

After a long wait, the time has finally come. From the 15th November, Amy and I will no longer be living in Cambridge. We have decided to make a lifestyle choice, and move up North.

Scarborough is a lovely seaside town located in North Yorkshire, in the north-east of England. It has friendly people, beautiful countryside, and a bracing sea breeze!

While Scarborough is more remote than Cambridge, I will be staying well connected thanks to the internet. With the fast train from York to London, it's no problem to make it in to the city for the day if needs be.

Any clients or friends that need my new address please get in touch.


Hey Ross,

Long time no speak. Just thought i'd post a little comment thinggy here saying hi and hope things are going well for you. Liking the new style of your site, looks good.

Good luck with the moving and everything, hope you get on well in Scarborough.


Hi Scott,

Thanks for stopping by. Have to catch up some time. Like your site too.



I'm currently working on a new site for myself, want to keep just for my emails now, give myself a new look. Hows Amy and the baby?

Speak to you soon mate.