EMI and Apple Launch DRM-Free Music

Well since EMI announced a press conference featuring Steve Jobs a day or so ago there have been plenty of people quick to speculate what it would all be about. Some were guessing that there would be an announcement about the availability of the Beatles music on iTunes, while quite a few guessed correctly.

I just found out from the BBC News article about it, but you can see the official press release here.

So it seems that Steve Jobs is coming good on his statement of support for DRM-free music, however my bet is that he knew this was coming and wanted to maximise on the PR opportunity.

I think having better quality and unrestricted tracks is a great result, and may even start purchasing a few tracks on iTunes!


Well finally I decided to take [DRM-free] iTunes for a spin and purchase some tracks.

The music that is DRM-free is called iTunes Plus, and at the moment the selection is quite limited - a lot of re-issues like Iron Maiden and Wings!

So after quite a while I managed to find something worthwhile - Richard Hawley, Coles Corner (Mute)- a classic crooner style album that reminds me a bit of Nick Cave meets Elvis (someone else suggested he sounds a bit like Jonny Cash).

There were actually quite a few worthwhile tracks in iTunes Plus, it's just that the limited selection means that you probably won't find what you want if you already have something in mind.

Anyway, hopefully the DRM-free choice will grow as others follow suit.