Magento 1.0 released! - Open Source E-Commerce Evolved

Magento Ecommerce

If you haven't heard of Magento yet, it is now time you should. The web based Magento software is a next-generation e-commerce system that puts previous open source 'shopping carts' to shame.

I have been putting the beta versions of Magento through their paces for the last 6 months, and while it is still early days, I am thoroughly impressed.

The version 1.0 release is a significant milestone, which I'm sure will make waves.

Go check it out:


How does Magento compare to Ubercart? I know Ubercart fairly well so that would be a good reference against which to evaluate Magento.

It looks like Ubercart has improved a lot since I first had a look at it, but it is a long way behind with features compared to Magento, and I think Magento will keep pushing ahead with top class features at a faster rate.

The best thing about about Ubercart is its integration with Drupal (for CCK, Views, simple theming, content management, etc), but it only has basic e-commerce features.

If you need integration with a good CMS (Drupal), and only have simple e-commerce requirements (check Ubercart does meet them), then Ubercart could be for you.

If you have serious e-commerce plans then I think you should give Magento an in-depth look. I agree with the recent motto they have chosen "platform for growth". They have built a great foundation, some great features and have set a clear path for future development.

Yes Magento is an amazingly really nice shopping cart system built in a strong coding. The back end as well show many more features than osCommerce.
I was doing e-commerce website since 2000, and now I use only this system.
I have my own store made in Magento