New Look Website

Or is that "Look, New Website" :)

Thanks to Amy - who designed me a nice koala logo and helped with planning the graphic layout and colours - I have now launched my new look website.

Generous use of whitespace, gives the eyes a place to rest. Most websites these days have way too much clutter and information on every page. I hope you enjoy the simpler and friendlier design.

Since a lot of the content on the site was getting quite out of date, I have taken the opportunity to update, well... pretty much everything, and orient the site around my freelance work - since that is what I am now doing full time.

Earlier incarnations of the site have relied on custom programming for templating and content management, however since I have been concentrating a lot of my development work (for the last couple of years) on using and extending the Drupal content management system, I have decided to run the new site with it.

The groovy CSS drop-down menus (another Sons of Suckerfish inspired creation), are a great way to reduce clutter with the navigation while maintaining good usability and accessibility. I'm quite please with how they turned out.

If you like what you see and are in need of new website (or know someone who is), I would be glad to offer my services. Please get in touch.