No Koala! Drupal Theme Available

As per my announcement on I have made an adaption of my site theme available...

The No Koala! theme is a simple but elegant single-column phptemplate theme for the Drupal content management system. It's goal is to focus on accessibility and usability, and should be suitable for a blog or other simple websites.

The theme uses XHTML and CSS, and incorporates a CSS dropdown menu that is designed to be integrated with the Drupal menu system.

To give credit where it's due, the CSS dropdown menu is based on the Suckerfish dropdowns by Patrick Griffiths and Dan Webb. For more details see here:

Tested with Drupal 4.7.4

More info available on the project page:

An example site is set up here:

Currently the theme is just cvs, I will tag it for a 4.7 release after some other people have had a chance to test it and everything seems OK.


Everything seems to be going well, a few people have tried it, and no problems were reported.

I did one minor validation fix, and figure it is now ready for 'production use'.

Get it here:


When do you plan to release this nice theme for Drupal 5.0?

Just to let you know - I tries this out in 5.0 and it seemed to run fine - no problems as yet...

Hi Ross:

I'm using nokoala in Drupal 5.x. The second level items seem to fall, they do not appear at the right side, as they should.

By the way, I'd like to draw your attention to Some people there would like to see a port of JA Transmenu to drupal. It provides cool transparent dropdown menus like the ones used in the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton (

By the way, as soon as I enabled nokoala, my tinymce WYSIWYG editor stoped working. How can I put it back to work?



Hi Sergio,

Thanks for your comment. Nice to hear from someone in Cuba (I like Cuban music).

Not sure what you mean about second level elements. Did you expand all the menu items.

One of the main reasons I implemented the CSS drop-down menu was because it wasn't based on JavaScript, and was better from an accessibility point of view. Lots of people have done fancy JavaScript menus, but not many have implemented CSS ones. As a result I would not be very keen to implement the Transmenus.

I can't explain why tinymce stopped working for you, it works fine for me.

Anyway, good luck with your website.