On Twitter

Well I feel like a bit of a luddite waiting this long to join the micro-blogging bandwagon, but I finally have. I guess I found all the hype a bit off-putting.

I am now on Twitter @rosskendall

Also, since I'm an Open Source (and open-data) fan, I have also signed up on Identi.ca - identi.ca/rosskendall
(the two accounts are linked, so all identi.ca posts end up on twitter)

Since I am usually short on time to write proper blog posts, I actually find micro-blogging suits me well. It is also a great way to keep up-to-date with things I am interested in - and pass helpful things on.

I'm going to keep my twitter posts focused on web-development, including: Magento, Drupal, programming (Perl and PHP), design, SEO, etc. I find trivial personal comments a bit distracting, especially if there are lots of them, so I won't be making them myself

I have found a couple of tools that are helpful for following and posting to Twitter and Identi.ca:

First I use the Laconica Bar (Laconica is the open-source micro-blogging platform that powers Identi.ca), this lets me post to identi.ca quickly and easily from the Firefox address bar - which makes it especially easy for sharing links! As mentioned before, I have configured Identi.ca to pass on the posts to Twitter.

Also, for keeping track of what other people are posting, and sometimes to reply to people on Twitter, I use the excellent TwitterFox extension for Firefox. It provides a little icon in the bottom right corner of the browser window that pops up with a list of recent posts, and easy access to any other function you might need.

Feel free to follow me if you find my web development posts interesting. I may (or may not) follow you back, as having lots of posts gets a bit distracting for work, but say hi and let me know if you are tweeting about Magento, Drupal or (open-source) web development, as I am interested that.

(Personal friends should find me on Facebook, which I keep personal)