Website Launches

Parrot - speaks your language

Those who are 'into' the Perl programming language will know about the mammoth project to re-design Perl for Perl 6. Part of that was to develop the Parrot Virtual Machine - a next generation VM specially designed for the unique needs of dynamic languages (in particular Perl 6).

...well, it's been quite a few years now, but I really feel that things are starting to come together. The launch of a shiny new website for Parrot at is another thing that helps to confirm this. (As a side note, it's good to see the site running on Drupal, although I doubt they are using PHP on Parrot just yet.)

If you are skeptical about Perl 6, perhaps the following points might help:
- Parrot works, and it's getting more stable by the day
- The fairly recent formation of 'The Parrot Foundation'
- Funding has been coming in for Parrot and Perl 6 development
- Rakudo (the name for Perl 6 on Parrot) is passing hundreds of tests
- The core developers are getting more optimistic
- More people are getting involved.
- Someone has even implemented a wiki with Perl 6 on Parrot

It has been a long wait for Perl 6, but I think it's going to be worth it!

Check out and if you are interested you can also keep up-to-date with Perl 6 on Parrot development at