Maybe 'Science' Isn't the Only Way to Know!

It seems not many people understand how they gain knowledge, or perhaps they are just not honest with themselves. I say this in the context of people suggesting that science is the only way to gain knowledge.

It doesn't take much introspection, for example, for me to recognise that most of my 'knowledge' wasn't gained through pure science or anything approximating the scientific method (whatever that is). I also have good reason to suspect that this is the case for every other human on the planet (including Richard Dawkins).

No Koala! Drupal Theme Available

As per my announcement on I have made an adaption of my site theme available...

The No Koala! theme is a simple but elegant single-column phptemplate theme for the Drupal content management system. It's goal is to focus on accessibility and usability, and should be suitable for a blog or other simple websites.

Contributing Theme to Drupal

A number of people have inquired about the Drupal theme used on this site and the CSS drop-down menus, asking if I would contribute it as downloadable theme on the Drupal site.

Well, I did say I was open to the idea, and since there has been a fair bit of interest I have set myself to make a few adjustments so it will be ready to commit to CVS.

As it will not have my koala logo, I have decided to call the theme 'No Koala!'. You can check it out here:

Should have it in CVS later this evening (UK time).

Is There Hope for Cynical Christians?

Just had a listen to a good lecture by Wade Bradshaw from L'Abri. L'Abri in french means 'the shelter', it is a kind of retreat where people go to ponder the meaning of life and deal openly and honestly with their doubts and questions about faith.

I found the lecture 'Is There Hope for Cynical Christians?' available for download. So as someone who can easily be cynical about most things, it got my attention. I had met Wade when visiting English L'Abri a few years ago, and he had made an impression on me with (among other things) a recital of Italo Calvino over lunch followed by a thought provoking discussion.

Could IE7 push developers to use web standards?

Now that Internet Explorer 7 is finally released, the concerns that have been building will start to become a reality. Many websites will find they do not format properly with IE7, and others may have more serious problems with functionality.

As a Linux and Mozilla Firefox user, I am certainly no fan of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, in fact I actively recommend Firefox to any Windows user.

Drupal 4.7.4 Update

Drupal LogoAn update for the Drupal content management system has just been released. This is only a minor update, however since it includes some security fixes, all Drupal installations should be upgraded to this latest version. Further details can be found here on the Drupal website

Being a good developer, I have undertaken to upgrade my sites to the latest version. This site has now been successfully upgraded with only a few minutes downtime, and no problems were experienced. Thanks to those involved in coding the fixes and packaging the release.

What I'm Listening To...

Although I've known about it for quite some time, it was only last week that I decided to join up on is a neat social website that lets you share your listening habits with the rest of the world, find people with similar taste, and discover music that you might like - including unsigned artists.

Check out what I'm listening to here:

There is already a Drupal group there as well, with a few familiar faces and names, and lots of other groups, if you are into a certain 'thing'.

Above is an automatically generated chart of recent tracks that I have listened to. has a few handy tools like this. Now it makes me think I should have included a sidebar when I redesigned the website.

Remote Control Plane with Video

OK, the music on this clip is pretty bad, but you have to admit that this is pretty cool: Using virtual reality video goggles to fly an R/C plane. I should get my Dad onto this, he would love it. (rather have him crash an R/C than his homebuilt)

New Look Website

Or is that "Look, New Website" :)

Thanks to Amy - who designed me a nice koala logo and helped with planning the graphic layout and colours - I have now launched my new look website.

Generous use of whitespace, gives the eyes a place to rest. Most websites these days have way too much clutter and information on every page. I hope you enjoy the simpler and friendlier design.


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