Panorama of Scarborough's South Bay

Yesterday was such a lovely day, so I took the opportunity to take a few pictures while out for a walk (with Theo's new godparents). This panorama is a stitch-up of 4 images I took, with a bit of help from Gimp and the Pandora plugin.

The Old Marvel Chairlift

Another random photo on one of my walks down to Scarborough's North Bay. This shot includes the old chairlift that once went up to the now dilapidated Marvels fun park.

While the chairlift isn't much good for anything at the moment, it does at least add a bit of colour to a photograph.

Storm Clouds Over Scarborough's North Bay

Just went for a walk down to the beach the other day, and since I had my camera in my pocket I thought I would take a few shots. While it's not quite a professional shot, I do like how this one turned out.

Amy and Theo

Here is a nice photo of Amy holding our new arrival (Theodore). Aren't they cute!

It is true that he has become the centre of our world for the time being, and it has taken some self control not to plaster the website with baby photos.

Clifford’s Tower, York

Here is a picture of Clifford’s Tower, sometimes called York Castle - as it stands on the original site.

This was taken last weekend while enjoying a sunny day out seeing the sights in York.

Scarborough's North Bay in Winter

It is now just a short walk from our house to Scarborough's North Bay. As I am discovering, it is lovely to go for a walk on the beach, even in the winter! It is especially nice when it's a beautiful sunny day like this.

Scarborough Sunset

This is a photo of a sunset looking over Scarborough's north bay, taken on a recent visit. The traditional thing to do is to sit by the beach eating fish and chips, which is just what we were doing.

Horses In The Field

The view from our study looks out over a field with some horses in in. All I have to do is glance up from the computer screen and this is what I see. This nice view is one of the things I will miss when we move to Scarborough.

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Château de Chillon

This isn't my picture, just testing Drupal's image processing. I did however spend 3 months at L'Abri in Huémoz not far from here and went past this castle many times.

Willingham Rainbow

What I could fit in the picture of a full rainbow


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