Clifford’s Tower, York

Here is a picture of Clifford’s Tower, sometimes called York Castle - as it stands on the original site.

This was taken last weekend while enjoying a sunny day out seeing the sights in York.

It was in this tower that some 150 Jews were killed. Seeing the commemorative plaque reminded me of England's poor record in its treatment of the Jews. It was only recently that I had learned that the Jews had been expelled from England for 350 years!

England it seems isn't the only country to mistreat the Jews, it seems that nearly everyone has had a go. Did you know that the word 'ghetto' comes from the slums that Jews were forced into in Venice?

You don't have to be a Jew to recognise that their treatment throughout history has been shocking. I just don't get it.


It would be cool to drive around and see structures this old. Here in the US, 200 years old is ancient, haha.

Nice site, BTW, I was just here checking it out. Nice design, very straightforward and it looks great. I'm trying to figure out how to build a custom design around Drupal (or similar CMS) to get the benefits of both the perfect look and easy maintainability. This site gives me hope that such a thing is possible.

Being from Australia where there is nothing older than 200 years (except for aboriginal cave paintings), I must admit that I also find the history in this country quite amazing.

Glad you like the site.


Hey man,

Well taken pic ^_^

How are you? Amy and theo ok?
Released Messengerm8s at the weekend. Got an interview with Black Pig in Cambridge for a web developer position. PHP as well! (been stuck on asp since leaving netflare).

Hope your all ok :)


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