Earlier Work

London Arts in Health Forum (on Drupal)

The LAHF website has been developed in conjunction with Active Media Publishing who have been responsible for creating a new logo, visual identity and stationery.

London Arts in Health Forum (LAHF) is a London-based networking organisation for health and arts professionals and health-related organisations. They had a basic website, but needed something more.

Fiona Fouhy Photography

This is a website that I am quite proud of. Fiona is a talented and professional photographer, and a friend. As a way to say thank-you for the wonderful job she did taking our wedding photos, my wife Amy and I set up this site for her - www.fionafouhyphotography.com.

Guided by Amy's impeccable design sense we were able to create a website that reflected Fiona's professionalism and unique natural reportage approach. The clean and simple design puts the focus where it should be, on the photographs.

Cambridge Structures

Cambridge Structures, one of the UK's leading suppliers of helical staircases, required a new website to showcase their feature staircase work and to provide a catalogue of timber staircase designs.

Working on behalf of Netflare, a local web development firm, I developed a solution to meet their needs based on the Drupal content management system.

London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

As the Webmaster for LICC from 2002-2005, I was responsible for all aspects of the www.licc.org.uk website. Initially the website was developed as a bespoke database driven website using PHP and MySQL, but was later re-developed to use the Drupal content management system.

LICC - Imagine Project

The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) required a website that could be the focus of it's new Imagine project. Working closely with the project's director and IUVO Design I developed the website using the Drupal content management system.

The flexibility of the Drupal system allowed the construction of a web site that that met the various project requirements while providing a way for non-technical users to manage and update the content.

LICC - Online Bookshop

Now representing the majority of its bookshop sales, the LICC online bookshop was created as a way to increase the availability of its physical bookshop, and to promote LICC's own publications and research materials.

LICC - Connecting with Culture

As the Webmaster for www.licc.org.uk, the website for the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, one of the larger projects was the June 2004 launch of the Connecting with Culture mini-site. The mini-site was a distinct part of the LICC website designed to complement the weekly Connecting with Culture emails, and to provide a place for subscribers to interact and provide feedback.

City Prayer Breakfast

In 2003, while employed by LICC, I also undertook setting up the www.cityprayerbreakfast.com website, as a way to promote the annual event and facilitate online payments and bookings.

The website is a bespoke development with PHP and MySQL, which was integrated with the WorldPay payment gateway.


In the role of Technical Development and Support Analyst with Affinity Internet Holdings (Affinity Portals Ltd) I was part of a team responsible for Breathe.com. My role included the maintenance and development for web portals Breathe.com and Bluecarrots.com (PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, Solaris), and WAP and XML development with Perl. I continued in this role until October 2002.

Affinity Internet has since been acquired by another company, but in some sense the websites remain.


I was Technical Development Manager at bluecarrots.com (a popular ISP and web portal) in 2001 and continued to be responsible for it's maintenance after the company was acquired by Affinity Internet.

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