Fiona Fouhy Photography

This is a website that I am quite proud of. Fiona is a talented and professional photographer, and a friend. As a way to say thank-you for the wonderful job she did taking our wedding photos, my wife Amy and I set up this site for her -

Guided by Amy's impeccable design sense we were able to create a website that reflected Fiona's professionalism and unique natural reportage approach. The clean and simple design puts the focus where it should be, on the photographs.

One of my highest priorities while developing the site was to keep the site information well structured and achieve a high level of usability. This was again in order to keep the focus on the site's content, not it's interface.

The back-end is a bespoke development with PHP and MySQL that acts as a simple templating and gallery system. A custom development was the easiest way to ensure the gallery operated in the precise way we wanted.